ISO 14001 Gap Analysis Toolkit

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ISO 14001 Gap Analysis Toolkits - ISO 14001 Gap Analysis & Environmental Review Toolkit includes a group of (MS word) worksheets to help determine your environmental position and your path to ISO 14001 certification.

ISO 14001 Gap Analysis Toolkit

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You will need to determine your position with regards to the environment and that position needs to be systematically analyzed. These two products help you complete this task from two perspectives:

  • The Gap Analysis helps you determine your position relative to the ISO 14001 Standard and create a path forward.
  • The Environmental Review guides you to state your organization's current position with regard to the environment.

This Package includes:

Gap Analysis Checklist & Guide:

  • A detailed 13 page checklist covering every section ISO 14001. Includes guidance on what to look for to evaluate your current processes and their compliance to ISO 14001 and space for notes.
  • What is an ISO 14001 Gap Analysis? - This guide will help you perform your gap analysis.

Environmental Review Toolkit & Presentation:

  • Initial Environmental Review - This document will help you conduct your initial environmental Review. 
  • Initial Environmental Review PowerPoint, covering the following:
    • What is ISO 14001?
    • ISO 14001 Requirement: Determine Position
    • What is your environmental position?
    • Initial Environmental Review
    • Summarize pre-assessment
    • Assign Actions
    • Tools to help you succeed

To supplement the initial environment review worksheet, the toolkit includes:

  • The environmental assessment to identify the environmental aspects and their impacts,
  • The identification of legal and other requirements,
  • The action plan and timing for the development of environmental programs and targets,
  • The assignment of improvements and follow up on the actions needed to increase your environmental capabilities.

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