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Amazing HR - Lessons from Google's Innovative Approach to Talent Management


If you are looking for examples of amazing HR practices, you need to look no further than Google. By almost any standard, Google is an amazing place to learn from. They are #1 on Fortune magazine's best place to work list and Google is also #1 on Universum's business as well as its engineering lists for college grads. Their workforce productivity results are also compelling, as each employee generates well over $1 million in revenue each year. Talent Management professionals should not be put off by their success and their unique approach because a great deal of what they do can be adapted to any size firm.

Much that has been written about Google has focused on their products and even their free food but this webinar will focus exclusively on the people management aspects of the firm. Google has been named a "recruiting machine" for its top grading recruiting approach. It's approach to collaboration and innovation are also on the leading edge. And it's approaches to development, leadership and retention are among the most data-driven in the world.
Now is an ideal time to benchmark and learn from the top performers in Talent Management because a recent survey of CEO's revealed that out of all business functions, CEO's expect the most change in Talent Management. It's unusual to have a people management function at the top of CEO's attention so this next year is the perfect time to understand future trends and to adapt some Google's proven approaches at your firm. This stimulating and exciting session will be led by renowned HR thought leader Dr. John Sullivan. The information presented is based on his research, his notable Google Talent Management case study and his visits to Google.

Why should you attend:

  • The number one area where CEO's expect improvement is talent management. If you're going to produce dramatic change in talent management, you have no choice but to benchmark and study the most innovative and top-performing firms.
  • Google is currently ranked as the number one firm on the Fortune best place to work list. And although every firm can't be exactly like Google, their approaches to Talent Management can be adapted to almost any firm.
  • Every executive is screaming for more metrics in Talent Management and Google is clearly the leader in metrics and data-based decision-making.
  • The approaches used by Google are so exciting and compelling that the very least, talent managers have a professional obligation to become aware of what they are doing.
  • If you're struggling with solutions for improving recruiting, Google has been described as the world's only "recruiting machine"
  • If you need to improve functions like development, leadership, internal movement, retention and innovation, Google has developed some effective approaches that can give you some compelling ideas for any redesign effort.
  • If you're struggling to build a strong employer brand, you can learn many valuable lessons from the #1 employer brand in the world

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • The keys to Google's amazing employer brand success.
  • Google’s leading edge approaches to recruiting
  • Google Oxygen and their analytical approach to leadership.
  • How Google facilitates collaboration in order to maximize innovation.
  • How the physical environment is harnessed to increase productivity and innovation.
  • Google's unique approach to continuous internal movement.
  • How Google predicts future turnover.
  • How Google makes a compelling business case for investing in talent.

Who Will Benefit:
  • Chief Talent Officers and Directors of Talent Management
  • The VP of HR
  • Directors of Recruiting and Talent Acquisition
  • Directors of Leadership Development
  • Directors of Development, Training and Learning
  • Directors of HR
  • Talent Management and HR Strategists
  • HR Business Partners, HR Generalists and HR professionals Involved in Talent Management
  • Recruiters
  • Talent Management Consultants
  • Operational Managers

Speaker Profile
Dr John Sullivan is a well-known global talent management thought leader and guru. For years he has accurately predicted HR and talent management trends. He is an internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact strategic solutions. He’s a prolific author with over 900 articles and 10 books covering all of Talent Management. He is an engaging corporate speaker who has excited audiences at over 250 corporations / organizations in 30 countries on all 6 continents. His ideas have appeared in every major business source including the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, CFO, Inc., NY Times, SmartMoney, USA Today, HBR and the Financial Times. He has been interviewed on CNN and the CBS and ABC nightly news. Fast Company called him the "Michael Jordan of Hiring". He served as Chief Talent Officer for Agilent Technologies (the HP spin-off). He is currently a Professor of Management at San Francisco State and CEO of DJS and Associates consulting. His articles can be found on his popular website www.drjohnsullivan.com and on www.ERE.Net

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