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Instructor James Bone
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Anti-Money Laundering (AML) -Connecting the Dots


The core components of AML are simple however the execution of effective Know Your Customer compliance is very complex. If you would like to gain stronger assurance about the effectiveness of your AML program using data analytics this webinar is designed to help you develop a simple analytical model for improving the assurance of your AML program.

This program will go beyond the standard framework of AML requirements to demonstrate how a simple analytical model that anyone can do will help strengthen complex of Know Your Customer guidelines, demonstrate effectiveness and create early warning signals before a violation occurs. The speaker will lay out a case of adding analytics to your AML program that goes beyond the basics that anyone with excel can create. The model will be explained in detail and examples will be provided to demonstrate how the model world

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Cover the basic elements of AML Know Your Customer rules
  • Introduce the analytical AML model
  • Explain the model
  • Demonstrate how you can build your own custom AML models

Who Will Benefit:
  • Risk and compliance officers
  • Senior Vice Presidents in Risk and Compliance
  • Senior Ethics Officers
  • Junior and Senior Risk Officers
  • Directors and officers of the Board

Speaker Profile
James Bone has over 20 years of experience as a senior risk and compliance officer and more than 5 years as a risk consultant to diverse organizations, government agencies, and sovereign government entities globally. Founder of Global Compliance Associates, the instructor has created the largest online directory of GRC solutions on the web and consults with private equity, risk professionals and governments on the tools for managing risk. James has designedBehavioral Risk Systems from his studies at Harvard University on cognitive science and research on making decisions under uncertainty. James has a B.A. from Drury University, M.A. from Boston University and a M.A. in Finance from Harvard University.

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