Behavioral Based Interviewing

G. Herbert Miller
Instructor G. Herbert Miller
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Behavioral Based Interviewing

Behavioral based interviewing is built upon the premise that past behavior predicts future behavior. When competencies for job success have been identified, an interview guide – using focused behavioral questions is built to assess those competencies.

An interviewer who understands the power of this process and how to conduct this type of interview, will achieve a much greater success rate in hiring the right people. Additionally, this tool and process minimizes the chances of illegal or unethical practices in hiring and selection.

Why should you attend: Being able to accurately evaluate candidates is a skill every leader should have. Developing the skill of behavioral based interviewing will equip you and your organization to make the right hiring decisions quicker, with more certainty and ultimately, give you much better results. It’s always more than a gut feeling!

Areas Covered in the Session:. At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to
  • Explain how civil rights legislation impacts hiring and selection.
  • Identify and explain key steps in a selection process.
  • Understand the value of job descriptions and how they guide selection.
  • Develop behavioural based questions in order to evaluate job candidate's skills, knowledge and abilities.
  • Conduct and document a legal and ethical interview.
  • Select the best candidate and be able to defend the decision

Who Will Benefit:
  • Managers
  • HR Professionals
  • Supervisors
  • Other professional people who have any input into the hiring or selection of people will find this Webinar to be very valuable.
  • If you use interviewing teams, or intend to, this webinar will help your teams to be more effective as well.
Speaker Profile
G.Herbert Miller has over 30 years of proven success in a wide array of organizational experiences. He has served companies around the world through the facilitation of training and consulting. His experiences as a Production Manager and Human Resource Manager continue to provide him great insights into helping organizations succeed. Herb is a well-respected adjunct professor at Bluffton University where he teaches Group and Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory and Design, Leadership and Management and Human Resource Management.

Herb is a Master Trainer for Pathwise, Inc. a world leader in training and consulting to the Life Science Industry. He has delivered training in CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Actions) to clients around the world. He also trains and certifies trainers.

Herb holds facilitator certifications with DDI; Achieve global; Expert OJT and Novation. He has a B.A. in Organizational Management and MA in Human Resource Management.

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