Yasmin Anderson-Smith
Instructor Yasmin Anderson-Smith
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Building a Culture of Civility at Work - Promoting Respect, Trust and Integrity to Enhance Performance, Productivity and Profitability


More than money, position or title, the way people are treated and the "climate" of working environments, are the primary factors influencing employee loyalty, performance and productivity. Evidence-based studies show that when human interactions in the work place are devoid of respect, trust, kindness and consideration the result is decreased work effort, poor performance quality and reduced time at work. In addition, incivility experienced in the workplace undermines overall commitment to the organization and ultimately profitability. Civility embraces the fundamental principles of respect, self-restraint and personal responsibility (P.M. Forni, 2002) and involves consistent, mindful, everyday behaviors that recognize the humanity and worth in every human being, regardless of race, creed or station in life. Every company or organization, has a culture or way of doing business, both internally and externally. Creating a culture of civility can significantly increase performance, productivity, aesthetics and climate and therefore enhance bottom line. This webinar will introduce the meaning of civility and why it is relevant to quality performance and productivity in the workplace.

Why should you attend: No longer is it productive to know and interact with only the people in your area of the office, on your shift or on your team. Have you been yearning to break out from that familiar circle of colleagues and connections where you re-live the same experiences and share the same information over and over? Could you be limiting yourself to exploring new horizons due to a fear of networking and building new relationships? This seminar will help you find meaning and purpose in networking and give you a few tools to build successful relationships that build influence and bring value.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Networking - it's not what it used to be
  • Finding meaning and purpose in networking - what's in it for me?
  • Defining your network - setting boundaries. Who's in? Who's out
  • Establishing and building relationships - it takes work
  • Nurturing your network - sharing and supporting
  • Networking tools and strategies

Who Will Benefit:
  • Entry Level or Re-entry Employees
  • First Line Supervisors
  • Front Desk or Customer Service Staff
  • Young Professionals
  • Interns
  • Fast Track Employees

Speaker Profile
Yasmin Anderson-Smith ,MCRP, CIP, CPBS is an award-winning, coach, trainer and author who brings leading-edge experience in the new fields of business and personal image management, civility in the workplace and personal branding. Combining high enthusiasm, dedication and inspiration, Yasmin offers ground-breaking presentations, seminars, personal coaching and awareness-building programs, across cultures. She succeeds in igniting, elevating, and empowering business women, young professionals and college students to project confidence, credibility, and embrace civility in their image and personal brand. Often misunderstood, civility is essential to building the trust and respect needed for harmonious relationships inside and outside the workplace. A former resource management professional with over fifteen years experience, Yasmin re-branded her career as an entrepreneur in 2006 with the founding of KYMS Image International. To educate, inspire and elevate women, she subsequently launched several business development, career- readiness, and networking and civility awareness programs. In 2006, Yasmin created and launched the sub-brand, Every Girl Can™, know internationally for empowering teen girls to embrace a healthy body image. Yasmin is co-author of the books, Executive Image Power and The Power of Civility and a contributor to Expert Beacon, Younique, MCDA Wellspring and Respectful Workplace magazines.

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