Consultative Selling - Using Dialogue to Effectively Close Sales

Isaac Rodriguez
Instructor Isaac Rodriguez
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Consultative Selling - Using Dialogue to Effectively Close Sales

Consultative selling is all about having a "dialogue" between the salesperson and the customer, in which the focus is on the wants and needs of the customer rather than the features and benefits of the product. In essence, the salesperson acts as a consultant or expert in the process, finding the right product that best meets the customer's needs.

We will show how using effective questioning techniques, the salesperson can understand what is most important to the prospect (price, quality, convenience, flexibility, etc.), what obstacles they face (budget constraints, scheduling, management approval, etc.), and then present a customized solution that best meets the customer's needs.

This webinar also focuses on how to use these same consultative selling techniques to build a network of trusted referral sources to find potential customers on an ongoing basis.

Why should you attend: For years, the prevailing wisdom was to focus on a product's features and benefits, and it will pretty much sell itself. However, that is no longer true.

Now, thanks to the Internet, blogs and social media, customers have much easier access to product information than ever before. And with today's highly competitive marketplace, a "features and benefits" pitch from a salesperson is simply not going to be enough to close the sale.

Too many companies waste time and money teaching their salesforce a selling method that has become outdated, ineffective, and wasteful. Likewise, a small business owner or solo practitioner who performs the sales function for their firm may not realize that a generic "features and benefits" sales pitch could actually be costing them customers.

At this interactive webinar, you will learn the basics of consultative selling, where the focus is on the customer, not the product, and how this innovative selling method can shorten the sales cycle, increase revenue, and lead to greater customer satisfaction.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Using LinkedIn effectively
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Prospecting Customers
  • Prospecting Referral Sources
  • The Approach - What to Say
  • Create your Brand
  • Closing the Sale, Getting to "Yes"

Who Will Benefit:
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Business Owners
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Salespeople
Speaker Profile
Isaac Rodriguez Instructor Isaac Rodriguez has a rare and exceptional knowledge base of banking, business consulting, and high level performance art.

He is the Founder & Director of Double Eagle Process, a consulting organization that provides coaching, training, marketing, and communications consulting services to individuals and entrepreneurs, using the principles of the performing arts. Isaac’s presentations, coaching sessions, and group programs create long lasting results. His elite performance troupe, Access Communications, provides educational training and consulting solutions to companies nationwide.

Isaac’s professional experience includes senior banking officer positions for major financial institutions including Banco Santander, Sovereign Bank, General Electric Capital Corporation, JP Morgan Chase and the Bank of New York. He was also the President of a wholesale durable goods company and was twice elected President of the Parent Assembly #1 of the Society of American Magicians. He is currently the President & CEO of the Provident Loan Society, a not-for-profit collateral lending institution.

Isaac currently serves on the boards of both Artistic New Directions and The Stationers Golf Association. In addition, he is an accomplished actor in the theater community and is an active volunteer to many community and charitable organizations.

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