Helping Your Employees Navigate Change

G. Herbert Miller
Instructor G. Herbert Miller
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Helping Your Employees Navigate Change

As long the world continues to shrink, and consumers have more choices, and technology grows faster than our ability to assimilate it all, change management will continue to be a discipline in great demand. The successful supervisors and managers of tomorrow will be the ones who can help their workforce embrace, and be stronger through, needed changes - today. Whatever change you are facing - how a process is done, how your work gets accomplished, making new products or building a new factory, or a wide array of other kinds of changes, you must be able to help your people through the change.

Let's face it; we don't have the option that Adrian Monk (TV's OCD detective) had when it comes to change. Adrian said "I have no problem with change. I just don't like to be there when it happens!"

We no longer have the luxury of excess time when it comes to effecting change. We must be proactive in our approach. This webinar will help us to be better change leaders and support those people who work for us and often hold the keys to our success. The webinar will focus on some of the best things we can do to help our people.

Why should you attend: Whether you lead people through change initiatives, or just need to be a loyal and supportive team member, applying the knowledge and skills gained through this webinar will increase your value to the organization. Those people who are recognized as effective change leaders will be sought after and valued in any company.

This webinar will provide a good foundation for equipping leaders to embrace change and improve their organization through their people. Whether you are a leader, front line supervisor or manager, have a role in planning or helping organizations assimilate changes, this webinar is for you.

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Identify and explain the elements of a good change process
  • Use leadership skills to as appropriate and at the right time
  • Explain the difference between management and leadership and how they are each critical in successful change
  • Identify the barriers to organizational change
  • Use the force field analysis tool in planning change

Who Will Benefit:
  • Senior Management Team
  • Directors and Administrators
  • Supervisors
  • Employment Managers
  • Training Director
  • Human Resources staff
  • General Managers and CEO's
  • Team Leaders
  • Team Members
Speaker Profile
G.Herbert Miller has over 30 years of proven success in a wide array of organizational experiences. He has served companies around the world through the facilitation of training and consulting. His experiences as a Production Manager and Human Resource Manager continue to provide him great insights into helping organizations succeed. Herb is a well-respected adjunct professor at Bluffton University where he teaches Group and Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory and Design, Leadership and Management and Human Resource Management.

Herb is a Master Trainer for Pathwise, Inc. a world leader in training and consulting to the Life Science Industry. He has delivered training in CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Actions) to clients around the world. He also trains and certifies trainers.

Herb holds facilitator certifications with DDI; Achieve global; Expert OJT and Novation. He has a B.A. in Organizational Management and MA in Human Resource Management.

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