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Relationships Matter - 6 Tools to help you Build Respect, Trust and Integrity


It has been said that business is all about relationships. Not only is it true but with the blurring of the lines between our business and social lives, relationships matter even more, both personally and professionally. Whether they are virtual or personal, with fans or friends in Social Media, formal or informal, relationships are at the heart of how we function in the everyday hustle and bustle of the business marketplace. They affect how we define ourselves and how others define us. From brief interactions such as extending a greeting or request for service to a cafeteria attendant, to a more structured, interpersonal engagement with a supervisor, building and maintaining positive, productive relationships takes commitment, a positive outlook on life, essential tools and consistent effort. It will not happen overnight. Building relationships on a foundation of trust, respect and integrity using the tools identified below, is tightly linked to our personal and professional growth and development.

The quality of our relationships shapes our experience inside and outside the workplace. These perceptions may be fleeting or quite entrenched and could affect your path to personal and career success. Since it takes at least two people to have a relationship there must be mutual understanding and agreement between all parties about what to expect and the associated behaviors. Quite often this is not written down but assumed to be part of our knowledge of social graces and etiquette. While not all standards are universal, each person must set parameters for what is appropriate or comfortable for them and communicate that clearly. This may be verbal, in writing or through body language. Hugs are a very good example that illustrates this point.

Because relationships do matter in business, skilled use of the following tools guided by an open mind, will help build respect, trust and integrity and enhance the quality of our experiences inside and outside the workplace.

  • Attentiveness
  • Giving and nurturing
  • Social savvy
  • Praising and recognizing others
  • Communicating
  • Honour

Why should you attend: Do you shudder at the thought of meeting and getting to know new people in business and professional settings? Do you shy away from networking events to avoid meeting people and engaging with them personally because you lack the social savvy or etiquette skills? Do starting new relationships cause uneasiness because you feel awkward facing people who are not on a screen? Are there unhealthy relationships in your life that need to be cured? Do you feel unsure about your skills to build a strong and lasting in person relationship with people inside our outside your circle?

Areas Covered in the Session:
  • Types of business relationships
  • Characteristics of healthy relationships
  • Why relationships matter
  • Six tools to build respect trust and integrity

Who Will Benefit:
  • Young Professionals
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Mid Level Staff and Managers
  • Interns

Speaker Profile
Yasmin Anderson-Smith ,MCRP, CIP, CPBS is an award-winning, coach, trainer and author who brings leading-edge experience in the new fields of business and personal image management, civility in the workplace and personal branding. Combining high enthusiasm, dedication and inspiration, Yasmin offers ground-breaking presentations, seminars, personal coaching and awareness-building programs, across cultures. She succeeds in igniting, elevating, and empowering business women, young professionals and college students to project confidence, credibility, and embrace civility in their image and personal brand. Often misunderstood, civility is essential to building the trust and respect needed for harmonious relationships inside and outside the workplace. A former resource management professional with over fifteen years experience, Yasmin re-branded her career as an entrepreneur in 2006 with the founding of KYMS Image International. To educate, inspire and elevate women, she subsequently launched several business development, career- readiness, and networking and civility awareness programs. In 2006, Yasmin created and launched the sub-brand, Every Girl Can™, know internationally for empowering teen girls to embrace a healthy body image. Yasmin is co-author of the books, Executive Image Power and The Power of Civility and a contributor to Expert Beacon, Younique, MCDA Wellspring and Respectful Workplace magazines.

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